Sunday, June 28

Shealynn's Bridal Shower!

I can't believe my little sister is getting married!
Only 2 weeks away!!
The Walker girls...
(And the creepiest ones!!)
Shea got the tall genes!
Pictures, pictures, and more pictures...
Oh Botha!
Michellie, Me, & Aunt Loretta bein hams!! I'm definately scheming something mischievous! More pictures to come!

Tuesday, June 2

Posted by a friend- Saw it & couldn't stop laughin...

"Well I guess it all started the first time I went through the second grade. I caught my reflection in a spoon while I was eating my cereal and I remember thinking, "Wow you're ridiculously good looking! Maybe you could do that for a career..." ~Zoolander

We're Alive!!

We took 9 months away from blogging because we're lazy and became severely introverted! Haha.. Free time- like that exists!!
Actually, we moved, got the kids full time, and are managing getting ahead so we can start planning our wedding.
We moved from Peoria to DC Ranch in North Scottsdale! I absolutely love the change. This house finally feels like home!
We have the 3 boys 100% of the time as of February. They don't even have visitation with their mother (Need I say more!) HUGE change, very busy, overwhelming to say the least. Aaron is turning 14 this month and Jayden is tuning 8 in 8 days! Kade will be 5 in September. We're all managing well though. It's the best thing for them.. and knowing God doesn't give us (me) more than we can handle.. I know it's a good thing for us (me) too! :)
We're finally talking wedding dates! We're thinking fall of 2010.. Maybe 2011.. We're doing it right! Bora Bora is on the schedule for the honeymoon NO MATTER WHAT!! There are some things we just have to do!! :D

Around these parts we...

Catch bunnies...

Bake cookies...

Make funny faces... And oh yes.. Catch snakes!
(non-poisonous of course!!!!)
Yea for Friday's!!!!
(It's our date day!!)Yeeeeah.. He's with us! Aaron's 8th grade graduation!! St. Paddy's Day at Mastro's Oceans Club
My 25th Bday!
Valentine's Day/Anniversary at Mastro's City Hall ;)
We're back in Santa Monica... 4 1/2 years later! Miramar Fairmont
Lunch at the Ivy! Freecin at the beach Shoeless... Bahahaaa ;D Disneyland in Jan!!

New Years at the JW Marriott!

Caught red handed..
Stopped by Scott & Kristen's
Miss Kameron Kohutek on New Year's Eve
Snow day @ Christmas time
Snow ball Fight!!
We found the cutest little cabin!

Wednesday, September 3

Matty's 34th Birthday!!!!!

It's Birthday time.. WoHooo!!
'Us' and our Gorgeous friends!!
Matt was so surprised to arrive to a table full of the people that mean the most to us for dessert at Roy's..
He is so blessed!
Matt wanted lobster pot stickers last night so we had to go back to the JW Marriott for appetizers!
As a surprise to him.. We checked in to the Fairmont Princess after Apps.!
Our casita was 'Birthday ready'
Equipt with chocolate covered strawberries and candles!! =)
PS~ The staff is phenomenal
Plans for Saturday????
Well, Matt & I play poker A LOT!
So I surprised him again with a seat in the tournament at Casino Arizona..
He lasted over 5 hours..
Short stacked & all in. Matt's Big Slick lost to J4 off-suit..
the 4 paired on the river.. :(
... It's okay though..
Dinner was at Mastro's!
Our FAV place!
Surprise! Couples massage...
Mama takes care of her guy!!

Surprise, once again.

Ended his birthday weekend at Ruth's Chris!

= P


He had a great time~

Happy Birthday Love!!!!!!!!

Kiss, Kiss

Saturday, August 23

I was in Cali yesterday & couldn't leave without going to the beach!!!!

I got front row parking.. Literally!
That neever happens when I go to the beach...
So I figured I was ment to be there yesterday!
& look...
I even brought Matt with me!
The weather was a beautiful 79 degrees..
The water was freezing.. But I still played in it-
By My Self!!
What a dork I am =)
Can you imagine me... I was such hilarious tourist!
I made Matt an "I Love You" heart in the sand & sent it to his cell phone! =)
This was my seat as I watched the sun set..

And OMGoodness.. My absolute favorite house!

This will be my second home someday when I become rich & famous!!!

It was so pretty!

I was so sad to leave!

Bye beautiful beach.. I'll miss you!!

Tuesday, August 19


My brother, Adam, came over to visit with Matt today..
Aside from getting a haircut~
They've have been playing Halo non-stop!
Those little rascals

Sunday, August 17

Matty's progression...
(or degression rather) immediately following his surgery..
Bed rest. Dr's orders!
"Thank goodness for Halo!"
Granted, he's changed his clothes~
But here goes..
Look at his orange toesies! he he Papa's starting to lose..
You don't think it's the camera flashing in his face, Do you?!

Show the camera how you feel bayb!! ... OK.

This means he's not feeling very well, but he's optimistic!
Poor guy!